the trial package


You want more sales, but not sure if RAMPED is the way to go? We designed a low-risk offer that brings immediate results. No strings attached.


In order to understand your business, product and how to be successful in ramping up your revenue efforts, we will review and analyze your marketing and sales content. This could be anything from pitch decks to email templates:

  • Tools & Technology
  • Landing pages
  • Product pitches
  • Email templates
  • Previous outreach results



After we reviewed the ingredients and know everything about your business and product, we are ready to test and trial some improvements. The essential part of success is matching channel, targeting, communication & product pitch.

Our goal is to find the ideal fit. And to demonstrate success we will start outreach and book 10 meetings.


At the end of the trial we will deliver a brief summary. We will take the time to go over things that worked, things that didn’t work and the data behind our results. The full report will include a review of these six essential topics, and recommendations to improve:

  • Website
  • Landing page
  • Product pitch
  • Targeting
  • Email content
  • Sales stack


Get Me 10 New Customers for $2950 $750

RAMPED is a service provided by

Lulu Systems, Inc.

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